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Burntinholmes Livery Yard


Burntinholmes is situated in a beautiful part of the country and resides in 45 acres of pastureland. Every effort has been made to provide high quality facilities to cater for the equine needs.

The fields are analysed and maintained to ensure that they are providing top quality grasses, and the diet of each individual horse monitored to maintain them at peak condition. Hay is made  on site, and can be provided wet or dry. Paddocks are rotated to minimise worm build up, and fencing consists of post and rail, hedging and electric tape.

The stables are large, well ventilated and facing away from the prevailing winds to offer the best possible environment. The yard is well lit and also has security lighting in place.

A lit 60 x 20 metre Passada arena offers a superb all year round riding surface experience.

Burntinholmes resides at the centre of a bridle path network. To the North is Ditchling Common, and to the South you have the vast area of the Southdowns. In between are numerous enjoyable and varied bridlepaths offering a rich variety for all standards of rider.

All weather paddock. We have created a paddock using a natural sandstone base, over a network of land drains. This enables winter turn out even during exceptionally wet conditions, controlled grazing or an area suitable for a horse that needs restricted exercise after say an injury.

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